About Alma

Alma Baking Co. was started in 2016 by a small group of health food enthusiasts.   What began as a small passion project has now turned into a growing enterprise, bringing delicious and healthy baked goods to customers across the country. At Alma, we believe there should be nothing standing in your way of enjoying a delicious treat, which is why we use only the healthiest ingredients that also taste great!


We value…

  • All Alma products contain no added sugar and are diabetic friendly, have a low glycemic index, and are low carb.
  • Eating healthy shouldn’t be a chore! We use only the highest quality, domestically sourced ingredients to ensure the best flavor every single time.
  • We don’t make anything that we wouldn’t feed our own children. We’ll never hide what’s in our food and will work tirelessly to provide only the best products.
  • If you’re following a diet program like Weight Watchers or the keto diet, our products fit in with your plan beautifully.
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